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Health Policy




My commitment remains as firm as ever in providing a Christian counseling service that glorifies God and brings healing and closeness to those who sit in my office. Your trust in me is important to me as your counselor. I remain honored to walk with you in what God has for you in Christ. 


To that end, I want you to know the following:  


  • Even with decreased concern about Covid 19, we still encourage our clients to observe safety precautions. If you have symptoms of any illness, please notify us as soon as possible. We can arrange for a video/telehealth meeting.   We never overbook appointments and generally one will be the only person in the lobby. We strive to stay on schedule so that you are seen at or close to your scheduled time.  The policy remains the same, if you are COVID-19 positive or have been exposed to the virus, please contact us to reschedule or schedule a Telehealth meeting. ​​

  • We are taking personal precautions and monitoring our health to ensure we are not transmitting. We ask that you do the same. 

  • If you feel ill, we can schedule a telehealth session.

No doubt, since the Covid 19 pandemic we have changed the way many of us feel about symptoms of a cold, flu and it is easy to let fear, isolation, and sadness set in. But, with wisdom, prudence, and faith, we can continue the work we are doing without interruption. Most of you know me well enough to know that I respond to your queries with respect and again take our time together in the counseling office as a sacred trust to be guarded. 

Be blessed, and see you soon.

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