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Man with Mask

My commitment remains as firm as ever in providing a Christian counseling service that glorifies God and brings healing and closeness to those who sit in my office. Your trust in me is important to me as your counselor. I remain honored to walk with you in what God has for you in Christ. 


To that end, I want you to know the following:  


  • Our office remains open for those who wish to continue in-person sessions. Some of the tenants in our office building have chosen to work from home. Fewer people present in the building lowers the risk of exposure. The policy of our office building is that all unvaccinated clients in the common areas must wear masks. If you are COVID-19 positive or have been exposed to the virus, please contact us to reschedule or schedule a Telehealth meeting.

  • We are taking steps to ensure we reduce the risk of exposure. For example, we are wiping down door handles, countertops, and armchair rests after each client leaves. We are regularly sanitizing surfaces throughout the day. 

  • Since appointments are scheduled individually, you are free to either wait in the waiting room or your vehicle until called to come in. 

  • We are practicing social distancing to lower the risk of transmission.

  • We are taking personal precautions and monitoring our health to ensure we are not transmitting. We ask that you do the same. 

  • If you feel ill or do not feel comfortable coming into the office, we can schedule a telehealth session. 


No doubt, this COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many of us operate. It is easy to let fear, isolation, and sadness set in. But, with wisdom, prudence, and faith, we can continue the work we are doing without interruption. If you have any questions about the above procedures or have questions about continuing our work together, please let me know. Most of you know me well enough to know that I respond to your queries with respect and again take our time together in the counseling office as a sacred trust to be guarded. 


Be blessed, and see you soon.

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