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About Denise 




Francisco and Denise live in Pflugerville TX and attend Parkway Bible Church. They both have a love of missions and have made several trips to Guadalupe, DB. Chihuahua MX to work at Tapestries of Life Ministries building Casa Dela Gemas an orphanage for the many orphans on the streets of Juarez and the valley.  They have supported this ministry since 2009. They have done various construction projects over the years. But meeting the people in town, helping provide food for their families and build relationships with them is one of their favorite times. Through PBC, Francisco goes to Piedras Negras MX as an interpreter for a medical team twice a year.

Denise is the Office Administrator for AMCC and also joins alongside Francisco to teach pre-martial classes and counsels with women that have been in abusive relationships and suffer ongoing depression and anxiety. 

Denise volunteers in ministries through Parkway Bible Church (PBC) at Radiance Women's Center in Pflugerville as a client advocate. She comes alongside the women that come in forming relationships and facilitating parenting education videos and if desired, biblical classes. The center offers diapers, formula, baby food, baby clothing and supplies. Maternity clothing, post-partum hygiene products and much more for mom!

Denise also volunteers for ELA (English Language Ambassadors) teaching refugee women English in their homes. This offers a unique opportunity to build relationships and help them become part of their communities. These ladies are from many areas such as Syria and Afghanistan. It is a wonderful time of learning their culture as they teach them about American culture, language and customs. Denise has been with them as they deal with loss and grief for family left behind.  The teachers have found that it is only Christians coming to them to help with housing, household goods, clothing, food and getting them to appointments.  Being in their homes and teaching them English gives us an opportunity to create community with them and their families showing them the love of Jesus. 

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